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Owning Houston commercial real estate often requires a large commitment of time, energy, and focus. Whether it is tenant relations, accounting and rent collections, code compliance and regulations, repairs and improvements, contracts and vendor services, property taxes, risk management, or just responding to unexpected issues; the list goes on. The effort can be overwhelming and it’s why our clients chose Moody Rambin.

Our Property Management team’s sole focus is creating value through professional management of real estate. In order to do so, we created processes, systems, and leveraged technology to automate daily tasks, reduce paperwork, improve communication, create accountability, and deliver efficiency. We created master procurement programs that regularly deliver significant operating expense savings, enhance risk mitigation, and deliver better work scope for similar costs. In keeping with a goal of providing value, our services are designed to accommodate a wide range of real estate sizes, classes, and types allowing us to service a wide variety of clients. With Moody Rambin, owners can be assured they are getting quality services and value now and into the future for their Houston commercial real estate assets.

We evaluate your property and recommend strategies to create the highest value enhancement. Whether your goal is to maintain your current asset or transform it to enhance value, we help maximize returns, improve tenant satisfaction and control operating expenses. Our clients can rely on our expertise to help determine the best solutions in Houston’s dynamic real estate market. Our research and application of technology across our operations ensures efficiency, accuracy and accountability. Senior-level oversight keeps the focus on achieving excellence. With continual involvement in industry programs including USGBC LEED, BOMA and IREM, we keep up with the latest challenges and solutions affecting building owners and tenants.

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